Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas Baking Hooray!

Christmas Treats 3

Last Thursday, I had a half day of work - YAY! My plan was to use the afternoon to plan my Christmas baking and ended up baking all of our baked Christmas gifts whilst Esther organised their packaging and helped me out in the kitchen. How productive of us! *preens*

Our gifts were made up of three things - two of which I had seen on the interwebs days before and one which my mum always used to make at Christmas time.

1. Walnut Shortbread from Lottie + Doof.

Walnut Shortbread 3

This was some amazing shortbread - not too walnutty (which was my fear as I was chopping them), 'sandy' and moist at the same time, made of deliciousness. I highly recommend heading over to Lottie + Doof for the recipe. This was also the first post in their "12 Days of Cookies" and each has been very delicious sounding.

2. Peppermint Bark from Judy in her natural habitat

Peppermint Bark 2

Peppermint Bark isn't a thing in Australia - at least, I've never really noticed it - but it seems to be big in the US, seeing as I've seen approximately 10932890 recipes for it in the last couple of days. In conclusion, melted chocolate and crushed up candy canes - yes, please.

3. Chocolate Boozy Puddings from my mum!

Chocolate Boozy Puddings 2

As I said, my mum used to make these all the time and they were the most fabulous and impressive thing when you are a littlie. The thing is, they are so easy.

1. Purchase a fruit cake from the supermarket
2. Crumble it and sprinkle it with brandy
3. Roll into balls
4. Dip in chocolate. Leave to harden.
5. Drizzle/dip white chocolate on top. Top with green and red things of your choosing to make holly.
6. Impress people.

So delicious. So decadent. So boozy. Now to make some more.

We packed up them up in cute boxes from Spotlight, added a note, packed them in the car and spent Saturday driving around the greater Melbourne area dropping them on people's doorsteps. Yay, Christmas is for the baking!

Christmas Treats 6


Cindy said...

Those are some super-cute treats!

Yeah, peppermint bark seems to be an American thing. One of my American colleagues shared some 'round at work this week and we all loved it. I'll be including in my repertoire too. :-)

cristal said...


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ren said...

I'm off to a function tomorrow and have been inspired by your peppermint bark to make peppermint bark to take. I ate the last of my goodies last night! Yummy!


mariarita said...


What did you use for the holly leaves + berries?

Looks good! :D

Jen said...

they were DELICIOUS treats.
My fave was DEFINITELY the boozy puddings, which might have to become a regular thing for me too! So nommy.
the shortbread will be made too as will the peppermint bark - so simple, so goooood!

Anonymous said...

Seeing as it was my recipe, I expect you to bring some to the West next week ( or at least knock up a batch when you are here)

Anonymous said...

It was all most delicious, and I was sad to have eaten it all within days. But, especially, that walnut shortbread was amaaaaaaaazing! (I'm taking this recipe to my mum's so she can work her magic and I can eat a million more pieces. If it turns out half as well, I will be pleased.)

s-j said...

@Cindy - The funny thing is that I'm not a huge fan of peppermint bark but it is so easy and everyone else seems to enjoy it. I think if I'd used better chocolate (my secret stinginess is out!), I would like it better.

@Ren - I'm glad you enjoyed them and I hope the bark was a hit for you.

@mariarita - I use red and green gummy lollies like snakes (gelatine free if possible). I think a more careful person would cut them up a bit more evenly but I think the effect is the same when it is a bit messy.

@Jen - Boozy puddings are my favourites too! So delicious, so easy!

@Rozzzie - I will definitely make you some when we get there!

@thatsnojoke - Yay for delicious stealth gifts! That is a fantastic shortbread recipe - I've been ruined for all other shortbread now.