Saturday, 27 June 2009

Celebratory Tarte Tatin

A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to make Tarte Tatin because

a) I had been browsing through my bookmarks on delicious and saw Molly's Apple Tarte Tatin again
b) my Es adored the Pear Tarte Tatin at Bistro Vue and I like to make her things she likes
c) I like a challenge.

So I went out and bought a big bag of apples that sat there and were slowly getting used up in various other things, all while the thought of Apple Tarte Tatin taunted me.

Finally, on Thursday, I decided that Es needed a special "Almost School Holidays/Hooray For Surviving Another Semester!" treat and delicious carmel-y apple-y goodness called. I set up my laptop on the kitchen bench, cranked up an episode of iCarly (don't judge me!) and got to the peeling.

Who knew it was so easy?! Ok, so my Tarte might not look as pretty as the one at Bistro Vue but I was always a bit intimidated by the thought of them.
"It must be tricky ensuring the apple doesn't disintergrate," said I. "Caramel stuff is always hard," I thought.


It was ridiculously easy and pretty quick and it didn't seem to mind when I realised I had my timing all wrong and so rolled up my pastry and put it back in the freezer. So forgiving! And totally worth all the peeling.

Es seemed pretty happy with her Celebratory Tarte Tatin and I've declared that everyone who comes to our house gets one from now on. (N.B. - This might not actually happen.)

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Sugardough, Brunswick East

Sugardough Panificio & Patisserie
163 Lygon St, Brunswick East

Es and I had a quick afternoon tea at Sugardough whilst our little pup, Beatrice was getting a clip across the road.

There isn't really much to say about Sugardough that hasn't already been said. A++++++ as always.

Julio, Fitzroy North

171 Miller St, Fitzroy North

I'd never even heard of Julio before I was escorted there for a mid-week lunch with my friend S — I think that officially makes me unhip.

It was tiny and quiet and had a menu that appealed to my love of all things carbohydrate. I was almost swayed by the pancake special or the Romeo & Juliet (white cheese and guava paste on sourdough) but I ended up going the vego sandwich path.

Oh my. Someone must have informed the kitchen about my love of goats cheese. This sandwich was pretty much everything I love in a sandwish — excellent bread, excellent cheese, excellent vegies. Excellent all round.

I dug Julio so much that when my mother was in town for a couple of days and we needed a Sunday Morning Breakfast place, I suggested to Es that we try there. I figured if it suffered the usual Sunday Morning Breakfast crowd, we could cruise by CERES, A Minor Place and Green Refectory until we found a table.

Happily, despite it being pretty busy, there was the perfect table and, lo, we breakfasted.

I went with the Poached Egg Special which came with a generous helping of avocado, what was essentially a delicious huge homemade potato gem and a tasty capsicum and tomato sauce. OM NOM NOM.

Es went with the Semolina Pancakes with Stewed Strawberries and my mum had a Ham & Cheese Croissant. Everyone seemed very happy with their breakfast and I think, chances are, I'll be back to Julio.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

First Post Is Nearly Always Fail.

Hello my little cooking blog.

I've been thinking about you for a very long time and finally I am Taking Steps to make you reality.

I have joined Daring Bakers to prompt me into action.