Saturday, 20 June 2009

Julio, Fitzroy North

171 Miller St, Fitzroy North

I'd never even heard of Julio before I was escorted there for a mid-week lunch with my friend S — I think that officially makes me unhip.

It was tiny and quiet and had a menu that appealed to my love of all things carbohydrate. I was almost swayed by the pancake special or the Romeo & Juliet (white cheese and guava paste on sourdough) but I ended up going the vego sandwich path.

Oh my. Someone must have informed the kitchen about my love of goats cheese. This sandwich was pretty much everything I love in a sandwish — excellent bread, excellent cheese, excellent vegies. Excellent all round.

I dug Julio so much that when my mother was in town for a couple of days and we needed a Sunday Morning Breakfast place, I suggested to Es that we try there. I figured if it suffered the usual Sunday Morning Breakfast crowd, we could cruise by CERES, A Minor Place and Green Refectory until we found a table.

Happily, despite it being pretty busy, there was the perfect table and, lo, we breakfasted.

I went with the Poached Egg Special which came with a generous helping of avocado, what was essentially a delicious huge homemade potato gem and a tasty capsicum and tomato sauce. OM NOM NOM.

Es went with the Semolina Pancakes with Stewed Strawberries and my mum had a Ham & Cheese Croissant. Everyone seemed very happy with their breakfast and I think, chances are, I'll be back to Julio.


steph said...

I really hope that potato thing is vegan, but I bet it's not. WHATEVERCAKES




s-j said...

Hmm, I reckon it probably wasn't vegan but could be made vegan indeed. The eggs were obviously not vegan. *shifty eyes*


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