Saturday, 27 June 2009

Celebratory Tarte Tatin

A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to make Tarte Tatin because

a) I had been browsing through my bookmarks on delicious and saw Molly's Apple Tarte Tatin again
b) my Es adored the Pear Tarte Tatin at Bistro Vue and I like to make her things she likes
c) I like a challenge.

So I went out and bought a big bag of apples that sat there and were slowly getting used up in various other things, all while the thought of Apple Tarte Tatin taunted me.

Finally, on Thursday, I decided that Es needed a special "Almost School Holidays/Hooray For Surviving Another Semester!" treat and delicious carmel-y apple-y goodness called. I set up my laptop on the kitchen bench, cranked up an episode of iCarly (don't judge me!) and got to the peeling.

Who knew it was so easy?! Ok, so my Tarte might not look as pretty as the one at Bistro Vue but I was always a bit intimidated by the thought of them.
"It must be tricky ensuring the apple doesn't disintergrate," said I. "Caramel stuff is always hard," I thought.


It was ridiculously easy and pretty quick and it didn't seem to mind when I realised I had my timing all wrong and so rolled up my pastry and put it back in the freezer. So forgiving! And totally worth all the peeling.

Es seemed pretty happy with her Celebratory Tarte Tatin and I've declared that everyone who comes to our house gets one from now on. (N.B. - This might not actually happen.)


steph said...

cranked up an episode of iCarly


s-j said...

Seriously, it is one of the funniest shows I've seen in ages.

Danni said...

I've declared that everyone who comes to our house gets one from now on.

N.B. Expectations have been established.

Zoe said...

Found new food blog today called Fat Feminist Foodie - What's not to love!

Zoe said...

Now der, that was the comment I was off to post at Hoydens about Town after checking your address and blogger doesn't love me any more and won't let me delete it. Begging your pardon, am not stalking, promise.

s-j said...

No problem, Zoe! I'm glad you like my blog! (I also love HoT!)