Sunday, 13 December 2009

Cookies and Cream Truffles

Just a mini-post about my vegan Christmas baking. Except there is no baking involved. There is deliciousness though . . . read on.

With all my other Christmas baking being a dairyfest, I needed something to make for my vegan peeps. Josie had told me about this 'recipe' ages ago and I forgot about until I was eating Oreos at the cinema the other night. BRAIN WAVE TIME!

Vegan Cookies & 'Cream' Truffles

1. Crumble up a tube of Oreos until breadcrumby
2. Add toffuti and mix. I added a spoonful and mixed it and kept adding until the consistency seemed right. I think it was about half a little tub of tofutti.
3. Melt chocolate
4. Roll the oreo/tofutti mixture into balls, dip in chocolate and leave to set.
5. Eat.

I enjoyed them immensely and the vegans seemed to enjoy them too. Easy and delicious!


Danni said...

Om nom nom nom. Delicious!

My less than fabulous photo:

steph said...


s-j said...

@mah vegan peeps - YAY!

steph said...

So I was telling Josie about these, and how I had one and it was nice, then I had one from the fridge and it was amazing, and she got SO EXCITED. it was pretty great.

Vicki said...

I made these for a friend for Christmas & they are sooooo good! I dipped mine in sweet william white chocolate & they were divine. And they are so easy!

s-j said...

@Vicki - I'm glad they worked for you and that they were delicious. You have to love something that is super-easy but impresses everyone!