Monday, 14 December 2009


Factory 1

It has only taken a year or so for Esther and I to walk the 5 minutes down the road to try out Factory and we are very glad we did! We took the lovely Josie along with us to try it out and we spent a lovely couple of hours eating, drinking and playing scrabble.

The menu isn't huge but surprisingly varied! 11 vego options! 1 outright vegan option and other veganiseable (total word, ok) things! Nice looking omin things! Coriander features quite a bit - hooray!

Factory 3

I went with the Vegan Brekkie - scrambled tofu with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and coriander, finished with a soy & lime reduction. Verdict - a one-way ticket to delicioustown! I love these sorts of flavours at breakfast and it didn't disappoint! A little bit of chilli wouldn't have gone astray but, apart from that, the flavours were nicely balanced and the nice sourdoughy bread that came with it (no butter! they totally got the vegan!) was great to dip in the sauce bit that was left.
To be honest, just writing this up makes me want to nip around the corner for some more. Yum.

Factory 4

Josie and Esther both went with the French Toast with banana, maple syrup and bacon and it smelt amazing and looked great. Both said that it was delicious - good quality maple syrup, nice fresh banana and excellent flavours.

There are a bunch of other things on the menu that I want to try - the ricotta pancakes, the poached pears, the baked eggs with tomato and coriander salsa and haloumi - I could go on and on. The coffee with great, there's a nice courtyard and there are plenty of tables.

Hooray for our local!

Factory Cafe
453 Victoria Street
Brunswick West
T-S 8-4


steph said...

I totes want to try this scramble.

essie said...

om nom! i want more maple syrup!

Johanna GGG said...

that veg brekky looks v good - this used to be my local area so will look out for it next time I am about

s-j said...

@Steph - it wasn't fancy but it was delicious!

@essie - nom.

@Johanna - it is a pretty nice little cafe. It is very laidback and I was pleasantly surprised at the food (which makes me sound like a snob but it's the truth!)

thebooklender said...

I don't even know where it is! You'll have to introduce me to it one of these days!

Anonymous said...

No, you see, Sajee, coriander is cat urine in evil green leafy form. Bad herb, BAD!