Saturday, 9 January 2010

Lentil as Anything @ Abbotsford Convent

Sri Lankan Breakfast 1

Take two peeps, the Sunday after Christmas and the desire for breakfast. And, thus, you have Steph and I at Lentil as Anything for breakfast.

Much like Steph, I was surprised at how few breakfast things were vegan (i.e. one option) but I was keen to try the Sri Lankan Breakfast - a dosa-esque pancake filled with potato and egg curry.

Sri Lankan Breakfast 2

It was tasty, if a bit one note - I think it needed some more acid - and I'm not entirely sure why or where the eggs was. I mean, I know it was smushed up in the curry but seemed fairly superflous to me. The crepe was a bit thicker than I expected it to be but tasty.

Steph's mushrooms were good and it was a nice change to try somewhere new for breakfast. I was very sad that I didn't get a chance to try any of Pip's amazing baking so I'll just have to go back again soon.

Lentil As Anything
1 St Heliers Street


steph said...

I definitely want to try Pip's baking!


In other news, I have been hearing good things about Bomb Cafe in Abbotsford, so there's that to try, too.

Unknown said...

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