Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Bay Road Pantry, Claremont

Now, some surprise Perth blogging!

Esther and I headed over west for an amazing wedding and early Christmas with my family. My parents had literally moved into a new house the day we arrived and as opposed to it being in the Swan Valley (lovely part of the world - A+), it is in Nedlands (also lovely - A+). It is such a change for me in Perth - there are supermarkets five minutes away! Our picnic-ing spot on the foreshore was five minutes away! The beach is about ten minutes away! AMAZING!

Anywhoodle, Esther and I were up ready to have breakfast with one of my BFFs when plans changed and she couldn't make it. Es and I decided to venture out into the wilds of Nedlands to find somewhere to eat. We stumbled upon the Bay Road Pantry and thought it looked like a likely spot.

Bay Road Pantry 3

It was a quite a nice place - an old house, lots of tables, quiet street - and the breakfast was decent. The menu was small - from memory, there were only 6 things and the bruschetta with avocado I wanted wasn't available as they had no avocado yet so I ended up with poached eggs on toast with mushrooms on the side.

Bay Road Pantry 2

The eggs were pretty undercooked and if I weren't a more adventurous person, I would have sent them back (no side effects though! Yay!). The bread was delicious and sourdough-y and the mushrooms were good, if a bit salty. Esther has scrambled eggs and bacon and said that it was good, if a bit bland.

Our pre-breakfast dessert of danish was tasty but obviously not made on site. Yum - apple danish!

Bay Road Pantry 1

The coffee was fine - nothing special but par for the course for Perth coffee.

All in all, it was a fine breakfast but overpriced and nothing ground breaking.

29 Bay Rd
Claremont WA 6010
(08) 9386 1045

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