Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hellz yes, homemade ice-cream!

Chocolate, cherry and coconut ice-cream 3

So, I win at Christmas.

I was totally spoilt with amazing things, all of which I love and I had an amazing time at all four of our Christmases! It was fun and relaxed and lovely!

Anyway, one of the many things Esther got me was Snowy, the ice-cream maker. And, lo, I made ice-cream.

Esther got to suggest the first flavour combination and we ended up with a very fancy Cherry Ripe-ish flavour - fresh cherries, chocolate chunks and coconut in a vanilla bean ice-cream.

It did take about four days to end up with ice-cream:
Day 1: make room in freezer for the freezy bit of Snowy
Day 2: make the vanilla bean custard. It splits and then, through my own foolishness, ends up with water in it. Discard.
Day 3: make the vanilla bean custard. It works. Put in fridge to chill.
Day 4: finally put together Snowy and make ice-cream. Eat!

The vanilla bean recipe I used was the one that came with Snowy and was very simple - the sort of recipe that can be found in 10000 places around the internet so unless someone really wants the recipe, I won't post it.

Chocolate, cherry and coconut ice-cream 1

Thanks, Essie!


Kris Ngoei said...

Congratulations for making your first ice cream! It surely looks delicious...

I remembered how enthusiastic I was with my ice cream maker when I first got it..

Sawadee from Bangkok,

steph said...

I am super excited that your first icecream was CHERRY RIPE, ie, the greatest flavour ever.