Saturday, 17 October 2009

Royal Melbourne Show

Ok, peeps. This is my post about the Royal Melbourne Show. I realise that the show isn't everyone's cup of tea and I completely understand that. That said, I really like the show because of all the traditional show things - craft, scones, goats, spinning. I hadn't been to a show since my last Perth Royal Show which I reckon was twelve years or so ago. So that's how I'm justifying the ridiculously overpriced and politically fraught choice to go to the show. There aren't any pictures of animals in this post - if you want to look at things that aren't food, go here.

Sunday 20th Sept - Essie, Tash and I went to the show. My main interest was checking out the Arts, Crafts and Cookery hall and it was indeed awesome.

Rum ball competition

Most of the photos aren't superb but it is a bit difficult to get photos when there's crowds, glass and lots of stuffed crammed into cabinets.

Cooking cabinets

It was interesting to see how many people won a bunch of different categories and has really encouraged me to enter next year.

Schools Cupcake Competition

Yes, one lot of cupcakes in the Schools comp are decorated like poo.

Plain Scones

SCONES! Esther and I made a bet about the CWA selling Devonshire Tea before we left the house (i.e. there would be and we would eat some and if there weren't, I would make scones when we got home) and whilst I WON the bet, we didn't stop and eat any because the scone hall was packed.

Adorable Gingerbread House

How amazing is this gingerbread house?!

Modern Gingerbread House

Whilst this gingerbread house is not exactly my style, it is pretty amazing as well.

Brambley Cottage sugarcraft


Not structurally sound

We ate all the things you are meant to eat at the show i.e. fairy floss and donuts.

Scone time.

And because I am a benevolent baker, I baked scones we got home even though I had won the bet.

The scone is just the vehicle for jam and cream.

They were delicious.


Johanna GGG said...

love those photos of all the food - I love going to the show and looking at the food displays especially the fancy cakes but the entrance fee is ridiculously expensive! you are tempting me though - I will have to check if it is still on?

Anonymous said...

GASP! the gingerbread houses and sugar houses are incredible!

nixwilliams said...

SCONES 4 EVA!!! maybe i should enter the scone comp and defeat that wallace dynasty once and for all. mwahahahaha! (that was my evil laugh.)

also, how CUTE is the brambly hedge thingy? PRETTY EFFING CUTE imho!

p.s. how were the quilts?

s-j said...

@Johanna - I really enjoyed it because of the food and I felt I got my money's worth for my enjoyment of that stuff. That said, had I been more recently, I probably wouldn't have felt it was worth the money.
The show is over now, alas.

s-j said...

@Philippa O - they are amazing, aren't they!

@nixwilliams - the quilts were ok. There were some really lovely ones but also one that was particularly fail that I still haven't uploaded the pictures of. Soon.
In conclusion, scones.