Thursday, 15 October 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to making a blog post . . .


Yeah, it's been months and I have eaten delicious things and made delicious things in that time but haven't posted. Why? Who can say? My general laziness? A bunch of real-life non-food related things happening? My ongoing love for puff pastry?

So, consider this a brief round up of the last couple of months, complete with some photos and linking to other people's content!

Daring Bakers
Hasn't happened the last two challenges. You'll all be pleased to know that this month's challenge is in the bag (unless I end up having enough time to have another crack at it) and so there will be more DB content soon. I think I will try both recipes I missed (Dobos Torte & Vol-au-vents) at some stage. Stay tuned.

Enlightened Cuisine
In one of the many non-food related things (but actually quite food related), one of my Perth BFFs, Steph has moved to Melbourne. Steph is pretty much my food-blog-spiration so it is cool to actually be able to go out and eat with her a lot more. So, welcome, S & D - may the vegan noms be nommable.

ANYWAY, S&D organised for a group of Melb Veg bloggers to go out to Enlightened Cuisine for the Moon Festival which was amazing. Unfortunately, D had to go to the UK for work so we were down a person but, plus side, means we have to go again soon.

The photos can be found elsewhere: Steph and Miss T. I highly recommend Miss T's write up as the voting was both delicious and dramatic.

Would I go to Enlightened Cuisine again? In conclusion, yes. Somewhat trashy, yes but also delicious and fun and win.
Best dish: whilst I voted against the five-spice tofu when it was pitted against the mapo tofu, I think it was amazing and fully deserving of its win as OVERLORD OF ALL.

The lovely Esther and I went up to Sydney to see my brother and sister-in-law and, frankly, it was all a front to get to Adriano Zumbo. There isn't really much to be added to everthing that's been said. It was lovely and the staff were all super-friendly and helpful and . . . just delicious.

The Paris - La Vie En Rose, Adriano Zumbo Cafe

Esther had La Vie En Rose. Never has there been a dish more fitting for a person.

Croquembouche, Adriano Zumbo Cafe

My bro had the special - Croquembouche! YUM!

Totally forgotten what this is called, Adriano Zumbo Cafe

My sis-in-law had this which I can't remember the name of. (Basic fail. And it's not even on the website.) It was delicious and strange and exciting. Cucumber and chocolate is a surprisingly good combo.

Miss Marple Deconstructed, Adriano Zumbo Cafe

And I had the Miss Marple Deconstructed. Mainly because I love Miss Marple. It was delicious and fresh and they were some good crepes, yo.

Friday night we had dinner at Papaya Thai in Cremorne where I had the best chili and basil tofu of my life. Please excuse the terrible photo - dark restaurant + shaky, tired hands = this.

Papaya Thai, Cremorne

They were very vego friendly on the surface of things - the menu marked all the vego stuff and noted that nearly everything could be made vego. Hooray. I say on the surface because I didn't ask about fish sauce so that is an unknown. However, A+++.

Saturday morning was breakfast at some cafe in North Avalon. I cannot for the life of my remember the name. (Again, basic fail.) It was pretty tasty but quite pricey - something I noticed about Sydney in general.

Banana Pancakes, some cafe in North Avalon

Essie's banana pancakes.

Vego Brekkie, some cafe in North Avalon

My vego breakfast.

In conclusion . . .

Toxic 4 Life.


(There is going to be a post about the cakes and things at the Royal Melbourne Show but this post is ridiculously long as it is.)


essie said...

om nom nom nom!

steph said...

I love that there is a tree growing out of that pancake stack! (I know it is not really a tree but it looks like a tree on an island! That's great!)

The La Vie En Rose looks deliciousness. Are those lychees in the bottom of the glass?

( ps hi yay you posted! <3 <3 )

Esther said...

In conclusion: Rollerderby is the best way to conclude things! \o/ Rollerderby and food - two of my favourite things! A+++

s-j said...

@essie - INDEED.

@steph - Yeah, the presentation of the pancakes was lovely and they were quite delicious. Something ridiculous like $17, though. WHUT, SYDNEY?! WHUT!? And those, are indeed lychees and the drink (can be seen in the other pic on flickr) was a raspberry sago drink, I believe. Yum.

@johnnypurple - I CONCUR.